Why the Arts?

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At a very young age, the brain develops from hands-on experience of play and discovery. With a creative curriculum, both sides of the brain work together to enhance cognitive learning. Early childhood is a crucial time for this cross-referencing to occur. It is also suggested that physical activity is a strong determinant in the early development of the brain, not just motor control.  The arts truly serve as a meaningful and memorable instructional aid in the development of the whole child.


Our students at Color Me Bright Preschool are encouraged to learn through self-exploration and interactive learning.  Here are a few skills children will develop through each art discipline:



-Gross motor skills

-How to channel energy

-Creativity and imagination

-Communicating ideas and feelings

-Sensory and body awareness




-Listening skills and vocabulary



-Cooperation and social skills

-Repetitive patterns enhancing math and reading skills

-Fine and gross motor skills



"The arts play a critical role in the human need for self-expression, for sharing thoughts and ideas, and for challenging old ways of thinking."


-How to organize ideas

-Fine motor skills

-How to express personal feelings

-Concentration and self-discipline

-Problem-solving techniques

-A sense of accomplishment



-How to communicate thoughts and feelings

-Symbolism through props and objects

-Abstract thinking

-Social skills

-High order thinking skills

-Problem solving

Click HERE to view sample lesson plans for each discipline.