Upcoming Preschool


Tiny Stars
$140 per month
*There are 2 sections available for this program!
Our Tiny Stars Program is for 2 year old students who are just becoming a part of the educational world. In this program, we welcome our new learners into their very first classroom! This introductory class offers a wide variety of learning experiences, as well as interactive opportunities for our students to develop social skills. While teaching the appropriate learning standards (such as colors, shapes, etc.), the focus of this class is to familiarize our students with an engaging learning environment.
*Must be 2 years old by September 1st.
Tuesday & Thursday
(Tiny Stars Early Bird)

        8:30 - FREE Early drop-off

         9:00 - Play Exploration

         9:30 - Morning Circle Time

         9:45 - Art Discovery

       10:05 - Snack

       10:15 - Story & Drama Circle Time

       10:30 - Music & Movement

       11:00 - Closing Activities/Dismissal

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Tuesday & Thursday
(Tiny Stars Late Start)

          10:30 - Play Exploration

         11:00 - Morning Circle Time

          11:15 - Art Discovery

         11:35 - Snack

         11:45 - Story & Drama Circle Time

        12:00 - Music & Movement

        12:30 - Closing Activities/Dismissal

*Currently full. Register to join the waitlist.

Rising Stars
$205 per month
The Rising Stars Program is for 3 year old students who are eager to dive right into preschool! This is an exploratory program, where ‘living by learning’ is key. Social development and basic knowledge are enhanced as these students become responsible and independent. The introduction of letters and numbers, as well as other fundamental ideas, is the focal point of this program. The intention of this class is to guide our students to become accustomed to an established learning environment, and instill a genuine interest in learning. Our Rising Stars attend 3 days of preschool to increase the amount of time available for a variety of learning experiences.
*Must be 3 years old by September 1st.
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

        8:30 - FREE Early drop-off

        9:00 - Play Exploration 

        9:25 - Morning Activities & Calendar

        9:40 - Music & Movement Circle Time

       10:00 - Groups (Art Discovery/Snack)

       10:15 - Group Rotation 

       10:30 - Story & Drama Circle Time

       10:45 - Independent Work 

       11:00 - Closing Activities/Dismissal



Super Stars
$285 per month
Our Super Stars Program is for 4 year old students who are ready to be immersed in a classroom where learning is all around! Opportunities for self-initiated learning are provided, while hands-on and interactive learning activities take place. Our teachers are co-explorers as our students gain independence and maturity. This class is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and standards for Kindergarten. Our Super Stars attend 3 days of preschool to ensure optimal learning takes place. 
*Must be 4 years old by September 1st.
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

        12:00- Beginning Independent Work

        12:15- Calendar Activities

        12:30- Music & Movement Circle Time

        12:50- Play Exploration

        1:10- Story & Drama Circle Time

        1:35- Snack

        1:50- Art Discovery 

        2:20- Small Group Instruction 

        2:45- Closing Activities/Dismissal

        2:45-3:15- FREE Extended pick-up



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