Our Curriculum

The BRIGHT Curriculum was specifically designed for Color Me Bright Preschool. It emphasizes the importance of activating the WHOLE BODY to create new understanding of the traditional learning concepts. This creative approach to learning is research-based and proven to enhance

the OVERALL DEVELOPMENT of the child (physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally).


Our curriculum is implemented to meet the goals of the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards through weekly art, music, drama, and creative movement lessons. All of the skills and knowledge needed for Kindergarten will be developed in a more creative and immersive manner. During creative activity, the whole brain is activated, therefore increasing cognitive learning and communication.


For more information about these standards, click here.


B is for BUILDING:

Developing gross motor skills through movement and dance.


R is for RHYME & REASON:

Encouraging cognitive development, as well as language development



Promoting and enhancing positive social skills through play, communication, and working together


G is for GO FOR IT:

Building independence and self-esteem


H is for HANDS ON:

We use our hands to encourage curiosity of the visual arts in our everyday world


T is for THEATRE:

Expressing feelings and relationships through music, drama and performance opportunities

Special Events

Our learning & fun extends beyond class! Color Me Bright values family involvement by hosting annual special events that welcome the whole family into our creative learning experiences.

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