Tuesdays 3:15-5:30pm AND Fridays 12:15–2:30pm


When will this program take place?

 The first 6-week session began September 1st and ends on October 9th. Our plan and hope is to then offer an additional 6-week session (leading up until the end of November), but will need to reassess the situation at that time and coordinate with local schools.


Where will this program be held?

The best part about Kinder Stars is that we get the chance to learn IN-PERSON with our teachers and friends at Color Me Bright!  (Yes, it is a drop-off/pick-up program!) We are confident we can provide a SAFE space for your kiddos to grow in a social setting. Please see the attached COVID-19 Preschool Plan handout which outlines all of the precautions taken to ensure the safety of all, as well as the What Families Can Do handout for tips for your child.


What will my child gain from this program?

This class will supplement the state Kindergarten curriculum (Illinois Learning Standards). There will be a strong focus on English/Language Arts, as well at Math and Science. Social play, gross motor & movement, and art exploration will be included when curriculum/time allows, also. Our goal is to provide ample amount of individual instruction based on each child's skill level.


What is the class size?

This class will be maxed at 12 students with 1 teacher, as well as a teacher's assistant.


What if I prefer just one day a week?

Students are able to enroll in just ONE day a week. However, we would like to point out that content and activities are progressive and may overlap from day to day throughout the week.


What is the cost of this program?

Kinder Stars tuition for the 2-DAY option is $225 for the entire 6-week Session. 

Tuition for the 1-DAY option is $115 for the entire 6-week Session.